Rabu, 29 Maret 2017

I can’t imagine life without MUSIC

I can't imagine life without music, because music was already such a part of my family. every day wherever I am always listening to music. again pain and day music I always play, so that do it to entertain me personally although sad, happy or hard. the music is already as ingrained for me, because if it is less satisfied listening to it I immediately play the music with my guitar, after that I accompanied with my voice. finally a collaboration that is very good and can make the music as talents that I have. this music can be heard, play directly but suppose that just as listeners only was less complete for me, so that I was more fun while playing also. I play music is in the music studio near my house. and I play with a friend and my brother. play music in the studio I usually play just two hours. for me it has been quite satisfied to play it. I know that music since the age of five years, and at the age that I started listening to and singing also. At the time it was music to my ears is very exciting and very interesting to sing. Finally the music was always there in my life. Of music, our creativity, put out ideas, and not rigid in ha talk to other people. I very like to listen to music from sheilaon7 because the music sheilaon7 very fun to hear and easy to understand what is the meaning of the contents of the song. and so from my story this short. thank you already read it.

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