Jumat, 17 Maret 2017


My name is yudha, I have skills in the field of music although I am in the field of guitar music I was learning to play the autodidact, although in the beginning I had to give up how to play her I finally managed to play it well. and finally the key any guitar I understand where lies the position of my finger this digitar in order to obtain the strains of the sound of the song you want to play and sing. I can also sing, with accompanied guitar this is I started to respond that this guitar could follow the strains of notes that I sing. I like to sing the song sheilaon7 because of that song I like it very much and I also fans of the heaviest band was because the songs had been told my life. and the personnel of the band was very good and friendly to his fans. I wish I could create an album that is very nice and good for the listener or connoisseur of music. that's the very thing realize. although it was once just a hobby or a skill but if I can develop it well then it is very easy to me to do or make.. so thank you

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