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Build a generation of young competitive
The younger generation is successor sticks estapet leadership and struggle, while the competensis increasingly high. But Reality happened when this posture a generation of young people in the era of globalization really flaccid like being less intake of dietitians, appear dwarf and vulnerable. This is evidenced by the moral degredation, corruption chronic, disparatic social, delidation manners, violence and criminality, disorientation development, a generation of young people who are fragile.

 But the truth is expected by indonesian in particular are a generation reliable, established, independent, do not have ethics stuttelring technology, capable of competition in the future, as well as have competitiveness?

 Well how to prepare a generation of such? In order to prepare the rise of a generation of young people who competitive and able to compete in Indonesian and on the international level needed the development of education in the perspective of the future, namely to realize the Indonesian people who are qualified, forward, independent, and modern, as well as increase of and dignity of the nation. Success in the building education will give you a major contribution on goal attainment construction of national overall. In the context of such, the development of education that includes a variety of dimensions is very broad, namely the dimensions of social, culture, economic and politics.

 In the social perspective, education will give birth to beings who were educated, has an important role in the process of social change in the mobility of people. Education is an important factor in encouraging the acceleration of the mobility of society, which leads to the formation of the social formation of the new. Formation of new social this consists of a layer of middle-class people educated, which is becoming an important element in strengthen the adhesive power of social (social cohesion). Education give birth to a layer of the educated public it becomes the adhesive force of the linking unit-a social unit in society: families, communities, society, and social organization which then incarnated in the form of a large organization specialized state institutions. Thus, education can provide important contributions on the efforts to strengthen social integration.

 In the cultural perspective, education is an important vehicle and medium effective to teach norms, socialize the value of, and instilling an ethos among the citizens of the community. Education can also be an instrument for fostering national identity, strengthen national identity, and strengthen the identity of the nation. Even education becomes all the more important when globalization so strong, that carries the influence of values and culture that each time conflict with the values and personality of the Indonesian nation.

Thus the role of the teacher is important in education to give birth to the young generation that is competitive and able to compete both nationally and internationally. Them to make education as the foundation or footing that is ushering in her generation to become members who have the competence so as to compete in national and international levels.

 “To realize the golden generation, an educator and education personnel should have the soul of a professional character and innovative, as well as be a role model. Therefore, through the education required Indonesian human of the future to become citizens who are faithful, righteous, intelligent, comparative, competitive, so as to be an example for the nation,” Prof. Furqan, Ph.D.

Currently, indonesiaN is urgently need teachers who are professional and able to improve the quality of education the nation.Not only professional teachers are able to improve the quality of education the nation will remain the role of parents and communities is crucial for the success of the faounding and developing students ' creativity, because creativity is a potential that will be developed when students are in area choice.The situations which are specified by the presence of a negative attitude in terms of dependence, in a winner, means that other it lose, in a learning situation, students will be independent and learn on their own in achieving success, so that success and failure of one will not affect the group.

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