Senin, 08 Mei 2017

The Business World of Music

The things that I do after graduation the graduate is open for business in the world of music, that I will make music studios that have the tools music. Because it is so in the intent to increase the number of customers who want to play in my studio. why would I open a business in the world of music? because music was already such a part of someone's life that becomes the audience. So whatever I do is to channel the talents or sheer pleasure for other music fans. So it is a positive and I will develop and introduce this to the children which the age of childhood, teen and other. So they avoid things that smell negative. so this business was I do can to change the life patterns of the negative and beneficial for the children who are still unstable development of his thought. after this thing I do I will also open a konveksi baju oblong indonesia. And I will open it around the place in my studio. So I open the studio and its customers, the studio can come to the store my clothes. And this can make earn more profit in the business that I do this. The information that I say..

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