Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Why I continue my study to university level ?

answer: The reason I continue education to the university is because of my desire and both parents, so I get a clear educational and beneficial for the future. so what I did was not in vain. although I lecture in the afternoon but I still work, although the salary is not much, for me it is enough money to snack and buy supplies the needs of my course. so not everything that parents spend money for my college, my parents only pay for the money the semester I only. InshaAllah I could refinance the money the semester I if I can get a job with a salary that was quite large. and I have big ambitions to change for the better and useful to help both parents and my family. I wish I could graduate quickly and directly get a job that could help the economy of my family, and I aspired to become a lecturer, I hope my goal was achieved. amen. and I also hope I can be useful to others with the good things that I do. At the end of my story there is the impression that I conveyed, that life has a very long process and not easy to pass and if you really grasp the process and feels that it is easy for you to accomplish well. here's my story why I went on to the university.

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