Jumat, 24 Februari 2017

My name is yudha pramudya, name call me yudha. I am the second of four children, and I are the twins male, I was born in pontianak, January 26th, 1999. I was born by my parents named mr. Wardimansyah and mrs. Endang setia ningsih. At home my hobbies are listening music sheilaon7 and  playing instruments like the guitar. because the guitar it's like an encouragement to live in my life, because the guitar we can sing, complaints, laughter, and other-other. I can also sing, and I usually play in the music studio with a friend and my brother. there is also a hobby that I love and the fun of playing futsal, I play futsal always in the position as goalkeeper. and I was quite proficient in playing my hobby that's all. the food I like is fried rice, chicken noodles and gado-gado, because the food was very tasty and delicious. I live on the road swignyo complex agriculture , it has long been my living on the road. for me the environment is very good and nice to get along. because of the environment many residents of the importance of education and family. so thank you

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